Thank you to Willamette Week for the chance to attend the event. It was a spectacular event and I tried to keep my fangirling to a minimum, but when I walked into the sets I was completely tingling. Here’s the scoop:


The Portland based NBC TV show Grimm celebrated their 100th Episode on Tuesday. They filmed the actual 5th season episode at their studios in NW Portland. Several NBC executives were in town from Los Angeles to join in the festivities along with Oregon Governor Katie Brown. The evening started with a gathering of local and national press inside Stage 2 at their film stages complex. Upon entering the film stage they had huge photos set up from several episodes of the show. They also had food and drinks available. They had everyone gather on the set of the police precinct which also included Renards office and two hallways just outside the doorways. There was also the interrogation room and a holding room used for filming. The set looked exactly as it does on TV with all the desks and computers. They had also set up some costume pieces used for the show with photos and sketches. Outside the windows of the set was a huge backdrop that was hung along the side of the warehouse wall that was a huge photo of Burnside Street.

They started the evening with a few words from the NBC executives and then our Oregon Governer Kate Brown. After they finished then David Giuntolli came up and spoke from the cast about their experiences living here in Portland for these 5 years. I did notice that when David left after speaking Bitsie gave him a kiss on the cheek. The cast had been filming the 100th episode today and finished at 5 pm. After which the whole cast and crew came to the celebration.

I was able to chat with the stunt supervisor about his work and how he balances having his family living in Los Angeles while he commutes back and forth while GRIMM is filming. He spoke of the very talented stunt people he has working on the show and the hard work they all do.

Jacqueline Toboni was back in Portland at the event and I got a few minute to speak with her about her weapon of choice and YES she will be back this season. Her favorite weapon is the machete, although she did enjoy the crossbow. She is still flying in and out of Portland right now with working other projects along with GRIMM.

They then moved all the press out into the hallways so that the cast could come through and speak to each of us separately. It was great to chat with cast members and I finally had the chance to meet Bitsie Tulloch. We got to speak about her costuming and the turquoise coat that I commented on last season. She said that she spoke to the costume people about how her character would re-use some of her clothing and the turquoise coat became one of those favorite pieces.

I asked a few questions of Bree Tanner. My first question was how she balances living here in Portland with her family and working the long hours required with filming GRIMM. She answered that she has a good support system for her kids and that helps tremendously. I also asked about that amazing stunt at the end of season 4 when she was thrown into the wall at the spice shop. She laughed and said that none of that shot was her. Her stunt double for the show is from LA was brought in and did that whole scene. She also mentioned that Rosalie and Monroe will definitely be having that baby talk now that it has come up out in the open.

After the meeting the cast we were able to go and visit Stage 1 where the sets are for the Spice Shop, a complete Monroe’s house and the warehouse room. there was a fourth area that was currently empty but could be used for any sets needed.

It was amazing to be strolling through the sets. Every detail was perfect. What struck me first in Monroe’s house was all the clocks. They were everywhere and in every kind of design. His workbench was extraordinary with the details of his materials. The whole house had such a 1970’s feel to it with the furnishings, his record player and the wall decor.
Stepping inside the spice shop was really an experience. There was so much to look at it was overwhelming at first. The wall of spices was the first thing you saw. There was a huge array of different shapes and sizes with hand written labels on the materials. The containers were filled with all sorts of things.

The visit to the sets was quite incredible and a bit spooky. I was one of the last to leave the film stage and it was dark inside. Thank you to Willamette Week for the chance to attend the event. NBC really did a fantastic job with opening the doors for everyone there.

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