GRIMM Jan 18, 2016 Sc. 5 Ep. 16

Grimm is filming this week for a couple of days in NE Portland at the intersection of NE Alberta and NE30th st. They are using the church on the corner as both a filming area inside and holding area. They had their equipment along the sidewalks and also inside the church.

The filming today took place with a few people coming out of the church on the corner and then the Portland Police cars and Hanks car pulling up to a screeching stop at the corner. Hank, Nick and Wu all come out of their cars and Wu grabs a guy and puts him against his car. The guy they capture has a red pouch in his hands that they take and give to Nick. The scene ended with Wu taking away the suspect in the his police car.

Also on the set was Silas Weir, Monroe. He did not do any filming on the street, so my hunch was he was filming a scene inside the church. He was going in and out during the time. They are filming here again tonight and tomorrow.

More photos on my flickr. 

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