GRIMM SEASON 6 EPISODE 2 AUG. 23, 2016 Wurstner’s Refrigerator Repair

Grimm spent three days filming in SE Portland and I was able to catch up with them on the 3rd day. When I arrived I was excited to see the SERT truck on the street along with 4 other Portland Police cars, Captain/Mayor Renards SUV and a truck with  Wurstner’s Refrigerator Repair on the the side. The building located on the newly signed Mark Street was covered in signs for Wurstner’s Refrigerator Repair. The yellow truck was pulled up to the garage door on the side of the building. There was also a regular door that led into the building. There was a parking lot between the building and Milwaukie Avenue. Next to this parking lot was a large building they used for crew/actors.  When not filming the actors retreated from the heat to inside this building. On location was Sasha, David, Bitsie, Bree, Silas, Jacqueline Truboni, Danny Bruno, and Robert Blanche. There were also about a dozen of SERT members in full costume and another 10 or so Portland Police Officers. There were also several background actors on the street corners.

They played out the scene on the street and then later went inside the  Refrigeration building to film. The first part filmed was the SERT Team walking down the street with Renard behind them. He stood on the street while they moved towards the Refrigeration building. Then they had David Giuntoli come out of the building and run down the street chasing someone. The police cars then sped off down the street and around the corner. After that it was more angles and filming at the front of the building with the yellow pickup. It ended up with all of them inside the SERT Truck pulling away down the street.

They were to film until 8 pm finishing with them all filming inside the building.


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