I recently started following the CBC TV show The Romeo Section and was able to learn more about Brian Markinson who plays the character Norman alongside Andrew Airlies character Wolfgang McGee. Here is more about Brian and his background of acting. I have to say his Mad Men character was one of my favorites from the show.

-Can you share some of your history in acting:  
Started acting in High school. Studied in England, then New York. Worked on and off broadway and in the regional theatre scene until I was 30. Never stepped in front of a camera until then. Did Lost in Yonkers on Broadway in the role Kevin Spacey won the Tony for. Worked with mike Nichols off Broadway in the play Elliot Loves, understudying David Hyde Pierce and Oliver Platt. Did 6 films with Mr. Nichols since. Went to LA in 1990 and started working in TV and Film. Over 200 gigs in the last 25 years.

-What is one of your favorite characters you have portrayed?
Norman is certainly one of my favorites. James Roszko in the film Mayerthorpe. NYPD Blue was memorable. Difficult but memorable. I’ve been lucky to play a variety of different guys over the years

-What has been the hardest character to delve into? And why?
Toughest: Steve Egan in NYPD Blue. 2 1/2 episode arc. Shot for almost a month. Played a guy who raped his 8 year old son over a period of years and then killed him. Our episodes won 3 emmys. Very proud of that one. Emotionally very taxing though.

-Tell us more about Norman from Romeo Section:
I love Norman. His toughness, his drive. His loyalty to those he loves. His wardrobe! I love working with Andy. I think the characters/actors compliment the other and have a dynamic tension that works for the story. I’d love to do a few more years, then a spinoff!!


-Do you enjoy living in Vancouver BC
LOVE Vancouver. My wife suggested the move after the boys were born in LA. They are now 20 and 17 and I’ve never regretted it. I consider this my hometown. I’ll always go back to the US to work, but this is home.

-Future plans now that Romeo Section is done filming for the season?
I am currently working on season 3 and 4 of Girlfriend’s guide to divorce. Very different vibe but also very enjoyable. Start a pilot next week called Let the Right One In… based on the book and movie by the same name. Busy busy busy.

-MAD MEN Can you share some of your experience with doing that in LA? Working with the cast?
Had a gas working with Jon on Mad Men. Great writing, art direction, and a very nice group of actors and directors, not to mention how great the crew was.
It was like stepping into a time machine.



Thank you to Brian Markinson for sharing some of his experiences and plans. You can watch Brian on the CBC in The Romeo Section Wednesday nights and also on Girlfriends Guide to Divorce.