GRIMM S 5 Filming on NW Kearny St. November 10, 2016 Ep. 610

Grimm set up over several blocks in NW Portland for night filming which started about 6:30pm. They closed off Kearny Street between NW 20th and 19th and brought in several police cars, Nicks jeep and a few other movie cars for the crime scene.  The scene started with Wu already on the street with Nick and Hank arriving in Nicks car. There was a parked car with a body laid out across the front hood. At first I thought it was a fake person because it stayed there for so long, but then I saw her moving her feet. She stayed laid out there for hours during the filming without moving. They would cover her with blankets when not filming as the evening was getting colder.

They filmed the scene from 2 different cameras. At first they filmed the three guys going up to the car with a camera on the sidewalk and the Steadicam going close up. Then they moved the scene to the car across the street where they go talk to a friend of the victim. Then they brought in the big truck with the boom camera attached which they used when they walked up to the car. They also had another close camera for filming this part of the scene.

I heard they were to continue filming into the early morning hours with moving the scene down the street. On set was Reggie, David and Russell. Plus all their stand ins. The trucks were parked around the area over several blocks. They used a nearby restaurant as their base. During the evening there were several helicopters flying near and then over us. I soon found out the there were protesters in downtown Portland, not far away. Around 10:30 pm the helicopters were nearly over us and we hard loud sounds and the police talking. We heard they were heading up Lovejoy, which was just a block away so I decided to leave downtown.

Because it was all night filming it was very difficult to get good photos.










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