Portland Peacock Lane All Lit UP!

Here are some pics from my visit this week to Portland’s own Peacock Lane. It was the first night of the walk thru only and it was fabulous. No crowds and the homes and streets were covered in snow.  It was the best night to visit.

You can get more information at their website here. 

Information from their website:

Each house in this quaint southeast neighborhood has been decorating for Christmas for decades. Mostly Tudors, the houses are adorned with not only beautiful sparkling lights, but also nativity scenes, rotating Christmas trees and stunningly life-like replicas of Santa and Frosty.

This is a very popular Portland tradition and the crowds can get quite thick. It is wise to park several blocks away and walk, rather than drive through the area.

Come see the lights on Peacock Lane and you’ll
find nothing but good, old-fashioned holiday spirit.

  • Lights begin December 15th at 6:00 pm! For the full Holiday 2015 schedule, please visit the Schedule page.
  • Do you have a question about Peacock Lane? Checkout the FAQ page.
  • Get directions and make your travel plans today!
  • For safety reasons, the Portland Police may shut down the Lane to motor vehicle traffic at any time. Be prepared for last-minute changes. This is for everyone’s safety. Also, it’s best to follow the Lane on Facebook, as that’s currently the quickest way we can update you on this.

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