Visit With Actor Jason Cermak

I recently had the chance to visit with actor Jason Cermak who resides in Vancouver BC. He is busy with filming several Hallmark movies and most recently another movie in a series with singer/actor Jewel. They were filming in Victoria BC. You can see him in the Hallmark movies Eat Play Love, Moonlight in Vermont and several others. He is also recently in Psycho Wedding Crasher with Heather Morris.

He shared that his time filming on Eat Play Love was a lot of fun with veteran actors Lindsay Wagner and Lee Majors. His recent filming with Jewel is another part to the series and he hopes to continue.

You might also recognize Jason from the first Fifty Shades of Grey movie as the graduation photographer. It was a part he had fun with as he is a photographer himself. They had him use a very expensive camera for a “prop” camera, but he was soon taking photos as good as their set photographer. They actually ended up using his photo for the movies photo in the newspaper.

Thank you to Jason for his time and you can watch more of Jason in his up coming Hallmark series with Jewel.