It was quite a fun day seeing more of the Grimm Cast. As it turned out when I arrived at the Boxing Location Warehouse I noticed that there were some media people unloading equipment and carrying it inside. They were doing some cast photos and interviews today. The base camp was just two blocks away so the cast was just walking between the two locations. When I returned to the Boxing Location I had missed a few members of the cast already. While I was standing there watching the practice for a fight scene a gentlemen and one of the stunt girls came over to me and said they heard I was a fan. I said Yes. They introduced themselves as the stunt coordinator and she was the stunt double for Jacqueline Toboni. She said she wears a wig during the filming, otherwise they looked so alike.

After that I stayed around hoping to see any more of the cast. Reggie Lee was walking towards me while he was walking back to the base camp. He was nice enough to stop for a couple of photos. I was just standing there after that and turned and thought wow. There was Sasha Roiz standing right near me on the sidewalk. He was headed to the boxing building and had an assistant with him. He said Hi to me and I said Hi and that I was just a fan. He then stopped and we talked a few minutes. I asked for a photo and he insisted that we had it together. Usually not my favorite thing. His assistant took the photos and then he was off. I have to admit I was a bit star struck. He is so tall and handsome. I then wanted to get a photo of just him and all I could get was his back view. So there ya go.

While I was watching the fight practice I noticed that there was the stunt doubles for both Jacqueline Toboni and also Davide Giuntoli. I snapped a quick photo of him. He was much bigger than David. I also got a photo of Jacqueline and her stunt double together. I then did some photos of her in her regular gym clothes. She said she had just come from the gym and brought doughnuts for everyone. She came over to me and asked how I was and we chatted for a few minutes. She is the nicest girl. She said she has been here in Portland for about 2 months now and is enjoying the city.

After they were finishing up the fight practice I then returned over to the apartment a few blocks away that they were filming in. When I got there I could see the actors weren’t there yet. I stood on the sidewalk across the street. Soon one of their vans pulled up and I noticed it was full. David and Russell came out of the van along with four other people. I was right next to them so I could not do any photos and I didn’t want to speak or interrupt them. They all went inside the apartment. After a while David came back out and came across the street and walked over to get some food at the trucks. He then returned and I did get one picture of him across the street. I wasn’t comfortable asking him for a photo when he was walking near me as he was working.

It was  fun day getting to see these wonderful GRIMM cast up close.