I had heard when I arrived at the earlier filming site that they were filming at Rocky Butte tonight at 9:00. I have to admit I have not visited this park before even though I have lived in Portland forever. I really wanted to see what they had built before it got too busy with trucks up there. They said that they might close off the road that climbs to the top of the butte and parking was very limited.

I took off about 5:00 head in that direction. On the way around Fremont and 71st I had to stop for a light and noticed off to my right a parking lot that was full of white trucks and a few trailers. I also noticed a white van pulling out and heading in the direction of the filming. Bingo. This was the set up area for the cast trailers for them to return to and do make up etc. I then noticed this nice low type car speed by me and turn into the parking lot. It parked right near the trailers. I am pretty sure it was David G. who climbed out and went into one of the trailers. I was stuck in traffic and had to just pass it by.

I continued on Fremont and drove to the base of the Butte. The church there had parking signs for the GRIMM CREW. As I went up the road to the top of the hill there were very few cars. When I got to the top the road went around in a circle and atop the hill looked like an old time look out built of stone blocks and had lights around it. I drove around and then parked. One side of the road was marked with their no parking signs for today and tomorrow. There were two security guards there around the filming equipment. I climbed up to the center of the lookout and found an area that was marked off for filming. There was a giant green screen to block out the cell phone tower in the center of the circle. Then it had a huge stone stairway that went down to the road and was marked off for filming. They had built a huge castle type gate and wall that connected to the existing walls going across the stairway. When I went around to the outside road I could look up the stairs and see the castle gate they had made. It was pretty cool. I also think they had added in a lot of the vegetation surrounding the stairs and also added some vines along the stairway. I was told that I could not walk on the stairway as that was used for the set.

The filming was for tonight starting at 9:00 pm and again tomorrow. Another GRIMM fan was there tonight said there were several fans who showed up. They are filming tonight and again tomorrow during the daytime. Pefect setting for a castle.