A Million Little Things Filming September 25, 2018

On a recent trip to Vancouver BC, I was able to watch some filming of the new ABC TV series A Million Little Things. I had hoped to catch GRIMM actor David Giuntoli, but he was not on set that day. He was at the night club place that evening but I wasnt able to see him.

The filming for the show took place September 25th and I am not sure when this episode will air on TV. It was filmed on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver BC. The scene included actors James Roday and Chance Hurstfield. They were out front on the sidewalk with dialogue, then went inside the arcade place. They filmed at this location for the day.

After this filming was complete they moved across the street to a nightclub place and were filming there into the evening. That was all interior filming.

You can watch A Million Little Things on ABC.