Supergirl/Arrow Crossover Filming in Surrey BC, October 23, 2018

I was recently in the Vancouver BC area and drove out to Surrey BC, for the filming of the Supergirl TV show with the crossover with Arrow. The scenes were filmed at the Surrey Civic Center plaza. Its a beautiful location where other filming frequently happens. The Good Doctor on ABC also uses the civic builidng in the opening scenes as the shows hospital. For this filming they had brought in over 200 background people plus lots of explosives to be used in the big plaza. There was also a bus and several police cars used. It was interesting how it was set up with 2 separate areas used at the ends of the plaza. One area was with the bus and extras. They actually blew out the busses windows on one side with several extras nearby. The other end of the plaza was set up with 2 cars and filming  of Tyler H as Superman, Bitsie Tullock as Lois Lane and 2 other characters. They filmed with these actors in the morning.

When I arrived in the afternoon Stephen Amell came dressed in his green Arrow costume to do one short scene. He was nice enough to come greet fans that were there watching.His costume was quite amazing with all the details on it.

Heres some pics and videos of the day. Best part was when they filmed Tyler as Superman. His cape was made of a fluid vinyl type of fabric and attached onto his costume. They used a very large fan to blow at the actors when filming their scenes and it made it so his cape was billowing out behind  him. It was quite cool to watch.

Here is Arrow shooting his Arrow with a flash behind him:

Here is filming with the others:

Here is the exlosion with bus:

Here are photos from the day: