Passionflix Ruth Clampett’s Mr. 365 Set Visit and New Trailer

Passionflix new movie Mr. 365 is set to premiere on their channel December 15. It is taken from the book of the same name by author Ruth Clampett. I was lucky enough to be chosen to visit the set during the filming in Langley, BC. I also was very lucky to have the chance to visit with author Ruth Clampett during the day of the visit. Before going to the filming for Mr. 365 I had read the book and loved the romantic Christmas story.

My visit began with contact from the production company Reel One Entertainment in Vancouver BC. They were in constant contact with me to set up the visit, answering any questions and following up with how it all went. This was one of the first movies for Passionflix that was not directed by Tosca Musk. The director for this movie is Christie Will Wolf. The main cast included: Christopher Russell as Will, Chelsea Hobbs as Sophia, Mathew Anderson as Paul and Jill Morrison as Lindsey. On the day I visited the set they filmed several scenes with Chelsea Hobbs and Mathew Anderson. The afternoon included filming with Jill Morrison. The filming took place inside a nondescript office building in Langley. They had used the main floor for the office holiday party and it was still decorated from the day before I arrived. On the day I was there all the filming took place on the second floor using a boardroom and office area. The crew was mostly in the hallway just outside the rooms. They used other offices for dressing rooms and other filming needs.

The director Christie Will Wolf was sitting before several monitors with the script supervisor and other production people for most of the filming. Ruth Clampett and I sat nearby and we were able to see the filming and the crew working behind the scenes. At the end of my time I was able to meet the cast after a costume change for another scene. The filming started early and went on into the evening.

It was an incredible experience and I can’t thank Passionflix enough for the invite to attend the filming. Everyone was overly accommodating and helpful throughout the whole trip.

















Here is the new trailer for Mr. 365.



You can catch up with Ruth Clampett on her facebook page here. 

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Here are a few of my behind the scenes photos at the filming of Mr. 365: