I had the chance to get to see some GRIMM filming yesterday in downtown Portland. I had heard they were near 3rd Ave so I went to check out the area. When I arrived I drove past Park Ave and saw the big trucks parked there on 7th Ave. It looked like they were just arriving into the area for filming. They did have the road closed in front of Customs House and had placed several police cars there so I had hoped they would be filming outside and on the street. I walked down to 3rd  and met a security guy who was watching over some equipment waiting to be picked up. He said they had filmed in the area the previous night. He also said they were filming at Union Train Station which was close by. I decided to go back to the Customs House and wait for the filming there.

When I arrived back there things were picking up and they were unloading the trucks and setting up for the filming. It looked like the filming would happen up the front steps and in the courtyard area. They set up a podium so I assumed it was going to be some kind of police press conference.

A KGW NEWS van pulled up and parked right in front of the main entrance steps, so this blocked our straight on view of the filming. Two of their TV reporters are included in the filming, Brenda Braxton and Katherine Cook.  It was another hour before Sasha showed up ready to film. I was able to get a video of him arriving on the set and I was really excited to see that he was the main actor for this shooting. No other actors were involved with filming this scene.

We watched for a couple of hours while they were filming the scene. They had about 20 extras with some as police officers and others as plain people. I inched my way around the back of the KGW van to get a better straight on look at the filming and took some photos there. While I was standing there they had a small break to reset. Sasha came walking out towards the street, down the stairs and stopped on the opposite sidewalk to speak to people. He looked over towards me and waved. I waved back. He then came walking over to me and I was so surprised. He said Hi and how are you?. I replied and also asked how could he remember me from Sept.? He then said my name, I was stunned. He said he easily remembers peoples names. I guess so. We chatted a few minutes. He offered to do a photo, which we did. I also asked to do one of him this time got one of just him. He offered to do photos with two other woman next to me. I helped with taking those and they were very excited. He was again so nice, very tall and commanding and oh so handsome. He was wearing a blue shirt with a blue patterned tie and dark suit. He then turned and went back to the filming.

I had noticed later on that someone was carrying a new freshly pressed blue shirt to the filming area. I recognized it as the same shirt Sasha was wearing. I wondered what it was for. Later towards the end of the filming one of the other woman commented that she had seen him walking between takes and he had on those “blood packs” on his chest. One on each side and his shirt was bloody. I did not see this but I was gone for a few minutes.  It then clicked that they had brought a clean new shirt for him to use so this was a strong possibility. Not sure how it fit into the scenes as we did not hear or see any weapons fired.

It started raining towards the end of this filming and they pulled out the tents and umbrellas for everyone involved. The filming was soon over and Sasha departed quickly.

I could see that the filming crew was not packing up yet so I assumed there was more to go. They then moved the cameras and some tents across the street to where we were standing. It looked like they were going to film on the street. I then noticed someone carrying the bright turquoise coat that I had seen Bitsie wear a couple of weeks ago and figured she must be coming. She soon arrived and was hurried to a tent area. They exchanged her black heavy coat for the lovely turquoise one. She confirmed to me on twitter that it came from J Crew. She was filmed inside a small silver car pulling up and then she got out and walked up the steps to go inside the building. They did this several times in the pouring rain. They kept having to keep her covered with umbrellas and adjusting her hair. It was hard to get photos because of the rain. She left right after they were done. They then were packing up all the equipment. It was a great day for GRIMM filming in Portland.