Taylor Lautner stars as Cam in this fast paced action movie which takes place on the streets and rooftops of NYC.  The movie starts with him working as a bike messenger trying to pay back his loan from a crime gang. He soon literally lands on top of Nikki, played by Marie Avgeropoulos, and is soon immersed in her work of parkour. As he works with her friends and leader Miller he soon learns that he has become disposable and ends the movie with double dealing confusion.  He and Nikki do end up driving out of NYC  together in his dads car.

The best parts of this movie are the action scenes which take place on the streets, high on roof tops, through the interiors of buildings, on the boulders in Central Park and across the decks of a rusted out cargo ship. The stunt action is amazing and so quick that it had to be a challenge for the camera people to film.  I read that a lot of the filming was done with a steadicam so that it could be filmed at a quick pace with the actors and stunt people.  At one point Miller and his group chase after Cam at night over roof tops and through a mall after he does a robbery so they can “test” his parkour skills. He learns after he holds a gun to his throat that he passed all their tests and is now one of them.

After a bank heist goes wrong and one of the crew is shot, Cam is arrested. He soon learns that the leader of the group Miller is a “dirty fed”. This soon changes the whole dynamics of the group and Miller soon sets up Cam to take the fall at the last diamond heist. Its at the end that its get a bit confusing. Although Taylor Lautner was physically amazing in this movie, his acting in the parts between all the action scenes could be a bit stronger. We all know he has a six pack plus some. He’s proven that in all the Twilight movies.

The ending of the movie is quite confusing. It seems that Cam brings Miller into a Chinese theater of sorts and has set him up with the gang. The gang soon surrounds them from atop the balcony and their leading woman soon starts a talk with Miller which ends with him leaving town. Cam also hands over all the diamonds to the gang as payment for his debt, which is then cleared. They even return his fathers car to him so he can drive off with Nikki. Somehow this chain of events doesn’t add up but it makes for a happy ending.